Creative Projects Update.

I’ve been really lucky in terms of radio play for my new EP, #MoonHeartEP. Ronnie Carnwath has featured both Boneshaker and Moon Hearted Bird on his show “Cobwebs and Strange” for Radio Warwickshire. Eve Blair of The Late Show on BBC Radio Ulster featured Malcolm on her soothing show. Today I was interviewed by Liz Beckett of The Shout on Express FM Portsmouth. Tune in to Express on 7pm on Monday night to hear what we talked about and her favourite tune from Moon Heart! I’ve now run out of EPs from this batch – thanks to everyone who bought a copy, and really hope you’re enjoying it! I’ll be ordering more next month so get in touch if you’d like one.

In other news, I’m excited to be working with the Southsea Shakespeare Actors on their brand new production Besieged! An original play by Vin Adams. I’ll be getting involved as a vocal coach, and after reading through the script and getting a quick snapshot during rehearsals, I’m really impressed by both the quality of Vin’s writing and the performances already taking shape. Here’s what they have to say:

“Besieged, an original work by Vin Adams, will be staged by the SSA at The Square Tower in March 2019.  The play depicts the events surrounding the siege of Portsmouth during the English Civil War and will be directed by Nick Downes.  Please revisit this page in a few weeks time for ticket details.”

I’ve also been doing some script advisory work for a very exciting new marine-themed immersive theatre production coming next March to the Square Tower, Portsmouth. Some exciting Lovecraftian themes at work there!

In conference news, this week we at Supernatural Cities launched our call for papers for our fourth annual conference! The conference will be held in Portsmouth next June, and the theme is ‘Magical Cities’. We are inviting speakers to send abstracts of their work to us fo review by 31st January. If you would like to present, feel free to get in touch. I’m really pleased to be co-organsing this conference with Beatrice Ashton-Lelliot and Karl Bell and very much look forward to reading the abstracts, see here for more details!

In gig news, I’ve been asked to play a few songs at Christine Lawrence’s book launch – the creepily titled ‘Payback’ *shivers* – on 5th December in Hunter Gatherer, Portsmouth. Excited to get a chance to also interview Christine on the night about the book and her journey in creating it. You can find out more here:

This week I’ve also been thinking about a concept for a new photoshoot with Kris Telford of Silent Canvas Media, which is planned for January. A new video for one of my Moon Heart songs, as well as a few more Northern Irish gigs and collaborations are also be in the pipeline for the new year – very excited!

On that note, I was really delighted to receive a wonderful surprise this week from friend and talented musician, Stevie Mac, who has remixed my Star Trek-homage track ‘Malcolm’. He’s given the original folk track a real retro/synthwave funky vibe which I absolutely love and can’t stop dancing too. Check it out here!

Other than that, I’ve been doing my usual teaching (very grateful this week for my amazing students who aced their assessed seminar this week) and research work, and really enjoying getting my teeth stuck into texts for a chapter I’m writing on maritime cannibalism in the nineteenth century. Two texts I’ve particularly enjoyed this week are:

Brantlinger, Patrick. Taming Cannibals. : Race and the Victorians. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2011

Estok, Simon C. “Cannibalism, Ecocriticism, and Portraying the Journey.” CLCWeb: Comparative Literature & Culture: A WWWeb Journal 14, no. 5 (2012): 1-9.

Thanks for reading!