Moon Heart Solent

There’s a new EP on the way!

A few weeks ago I was invited over to Southampton Solent University to record a few videos for Moon Heart.

The production team, made up of Solent Media students, organised by Roy Hanney and led by Calum Cashell, were amazing. It was a real pleasure recording with these guys, because they were so quick, professional, efficient and enthusiastic. That combination of energy, talent and coordination is so hard to find, and I feel really lucky to have worked with them. A really inspiring day!

You can watch the videos on my Youtube channel here.

We recorded three videos. I thought perhaps I should make a few comments about each on what the songs are about, and why I chose to record them.

Boneshaker: This is song is about how difficult it can be to be a woman and to experience people judging you because you don’t conform to their ideas about what a woman is, or should be. It’s about being free to be yourself, resisting gender stereotypes that don’t fit. I’ve left relationships in the past because folks resented me for being myself. I value my independece and my passion and tenacity, and giving up a career to mother a partner and raise babies and be the perfect housewife isn’t who I am. If that is you, then I salute you. I want this song to be for everyone because ultimately it’s about accepting yourself even in the face of people telling you to change to become what they want. That isn’t what love is. Love is accepting and cherishing people for who they really are.

Moon Hearted Bird: Musically, this was inspired by some great folk icons I’d been listening to: Buffy Sainte Marie, Joni Mitchell and Gillian Welch. The title for this song comes from a drawing collaboration. I drew a crude image of an owl for a Darkfest project Karl Bell and I were working on. Karl filled in the drawing with some amazing moon imagery and added those words beneath it. The idea really stuck with me. So, I wrote this song as an homage to that image, and as a tribute to Darkfest. I’m so proud of all we have achieved with the festival, which runs every autumn, and celebrates the dark and beautiful arts we have in this city.  I wanted the song to reflect that moment when the seasons change, and how strange it can feel when the year seems to be slipping away and you want to saviour those moments and celebrate that transitional phase.

Maru: This song is another one about relationships. My friend thought it was named after some kind of internet cat meme…but really it’s about Star Trek (a recurrent theme in my songs #sorrynotsorry). I used to joke that relationships can seem like no-win scenarios and so OS Trek fans will spot the reference there! At its heart, this song is about recognising that being alone, accepting yourself, and taking charge of your own life is perhaps more important than staying in a relationships because you are scared of facing life on your own. That it’s that time alone that helps you to face your fears, and allows you to define yourself; to work out who you really are and how you can achieve your goals or make a difference to others. It acknowledges that love hurts, and breakups hurt, and being single can be tough and very lonely, but it’s the ultimate personal adventure. It’s a reflection of the ethos of the whole EP. It’s saying that independence comes at a price, because you may lose some things, but what you gain is far more valuable in the long run. The risks are worth taking.

If you read this far then thank you! You’ll have noticed I’ve buried the lead here. I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be recording a brand new EP with the team at Southampton Solent sometime this summer! This came totally out of the blue. I certainly didn’t expect to be recording again so soon, but when I was offered free recording time at the studio it was too good an opportunity to miss! Like I said, these guys are amazing, the sound we got on the live videos really impressed me, and I can’t wait to record the new EP with them.


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