Human of Queen’s: Interview on Synaesthesia

This week I was approached by colleagues from Queen's University Belfast to give an interview on my experience of living with the neurological condition, synaesthesia. I'm really grateful to the Social Media Team at QUB for giving me the chance to share my story and raise awareness about this incredible condition. You can read the short form version on QUB social media accounts. I've included a longer version below. Hope you enjoy!


The Monstrous Economy: PhD Thesis Extract

Earlier this year I was awarded a PhD in Cultural History from the University of Portsmouth. My PhD research examined middle-class guilt as a motivation for the creation, and promotion of monster stereotypes for socially outcast 'others' in Britain during the nineteenth century. I've created an abridged version here, but if you'd like to read the full thesis, get in touch.

Conference Review: The Fabled Coast: Coastal and Maritime Folklore, Superstitions and Customs.

This post was originally published on the Supernatural Cities website.  Held over 27th & 28th April 2019, the Fabled Coast conference was a multi-centre event celebrating “the unfathomable deep” and its rich, global history of myths and legends. Organised by the Sussex Centre for Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction at the University of Chichester, the first day of …

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New Fiction: The Ravine

Here's story number 38 on my Tales of Fiction blog. I wrote a slightly shorter version of this for T'articulation's first fanzine back in the Spring. Hope you enjoy! ********************************************************************************* The Faurians clustered around me in the near total darkness, their damp fur bristling with voices. I was their translator. They spoke only in movement, …

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New Fiction: “True Ancestors”

There's a new short story on my fiction blog! I wrote this piece for an event called 'Honouring Your Ancestors' hosted by the Portsmouth T'articulation group during this year's Darkfest. The story has a science fiction feel, to coincide with the launch of my latest 5 track EP, Moon Heart, which is available now from Spotify, …

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Dead Men Telling Tales

I wrote this article for the Port Towns research group based at the University of Portsmouth. They have a really fascinating archive of articles and information on maritime culture & history. You can follow PTUC on Twitter, and Facebook.  Maritime Gibbet Lore in Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture   The practice of gibbeting, also known more specifically …

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‘Everyday Synaesthesia’

I’m a synaesthete; a neurological condition described by the University of Sussex as: “A joining together of sensations that are normally experienced separately. ” I started my Everyday Synaesthesia blog so that non-synaesthetes might be able to grasp what it’s like living with the condition on a day to day basis, from a personal perspective. My ability …

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