Creative Content & Modelling

I can provide a variety of creative products and services including:

  • Video and photography production and editing,
  • Public storytelling,
  • Creative writing,
  • Scriptwriting,
  • Stage management
  • Immersive theatre direction
  • Transmedia project management.

I have been on the executive board for Portsmouth DarkFest for the last three years, providing direction, guidance and creative input for their launch events and individual shows. 

I have an extensive back catalogue of original music available for synchronisation to provide a moving soundtrack to your videos, films, presentations or other media projects. 

I have worked with a variety of talented N.I photographers over the years –  including Kris TelfordCarrie Davenport and Paul Moore – with a particular focus on portraying ethereal, otherworldly characters resonating with my own unique brand of folk music and magical realism writing.

Gallery photos by Kris Telford