Creative Innovation: Everyday Magic

If what you’re looking for is a expert in creative brainstorming to help you shape ideas for your projects and events, to invigorate your brand, product design or promotional content, you’re in safe hands. 

I have worked in the creative sector for over 15 years. I started by producing and promoting my own music, and have extended my areas of expertise over the years to boost small businesses and individuals as they access their own creative potential. 

My approach is heavily client-centred and blue-sky orientated. By that I mean that I’ll be discussing your big dreams and goals with you in-depth in order to access your personal creative ethos, or passion and use that to help you build a practical plan for the future of your business that gets you excited to start work every day.

In my own creativity, I strive to find the magic inherent in everyday things and situations. I am a keen photographer, and love to capture a piece of enchantment in every shot, no matter the subject. I use this desire for magic to help my clients find that spark of inspiration in the work that they do, and harness it for others to see and engage with.