My musical life is mainly split into two camps (on occasion joyously intersecting) that encompass my professional work as a bass player, guitarist and vocalist, and my own songwriting side. On this page, I give a brief synopsis of what I do musically and how you can find out more.


If you’re into folk that’s a little bit alternative, ethereal, spacey and spooky, perhaps you’ll like my own music. I’m often inspired to write about the stuff I research, so expect lots of folklore and monsters. There’s also plenty of personal introspection too. To date, I’ve put out seven individual releases: 6 EPS and one album. You can find all my music on my Bandcamp page as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon & more.

I was really honoured recently to be inducted into the British Library Sound Archive, where members can access all my music for free as part of their subscription.

My latest release Let A Witch Live has just come out! Recorded in Southampton Solent University by Liam Gunning, Abbie Hill and Marcus Coffey, mastered by Liam Gunning and without stunning artwork by Kris Telford of Silent Canvas Media.

LAWL cover

My previous release, Moon Heart is a 5 track EP with an other-worldy atmopshere, featuring Jackie Rainey, Emma Doran, and George Sloan, and was recorded by George at Half Bap Studios Belfast in 2018. Artwork by Kris @ Silent Canvas Media. Mastering by Pete Maher.

Covers & Session Work

I’ve been lucky to have been able to perform and earn as a musician for most of my adult life. Playing bass for Jackie Rainey & The Sweet Beats my longest running gig, and the most formative for me, has been a real privilege. It’s offered an environment in which I’ve been able to hone and adapt my skills, whilst also learning about the nitty gritty of the music business.

Jackie Rainey, (touring guitarist for Sinéad O’Connor) is the beating heart of the band, and has been a massive musical inspiration. A talented performer and songwriter, her sweet country folk guitar sound is unqiue and beautiful. Her voice is one of my favourites, containing that gorgeous blend of blues rasp and honey-sweet melody. Meeting and playing with Emma Doran has also been a pivotal & incredibly positive experience both personally and professionally. It’s such a pleasure to play with a percussionist who has that innate sense of rhythm & flow combined with a wide vocabulary of styles and textures.

Find out more about Jackie Rainey & her music here.