Moon Heart

My new 5 track EP, Moon Heart is here!

Moon Heart is a love affair with an imaginary astronaut, a feminist rant, a tale of dark festivals, a monster slayer, the end of one dream and the start of another…

On this page you’ll find links to streaming and download sites, lyrics, production credits and reviews. If you’d like to be a reviewer for Moon Heart – get in touch!

Moon Heart is available now from Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, and more.

Also available to purchase on Bandcamp, along with many of my previous releases.

Moon Heart front cover
Silent Canvas Media

Read listener & radio reviews here. Listen back to radio plays & interviews here.

Check out the song lyrics here:

  1. Boneshaker
  2. Moon Hearted Bird
  3. Malcolm
  4. Bellerophon
  5. Maru

The Moon Heart team are:

Jackie Rainey: backing vocals & guitar.

Emma Doran: backing vocals & percussion.

George Sloan: cello & percussion.

Recorded by George Sloan at Half Bap Studios, Belfast.

Mastered by Pete Maher.

Kris Telford @ Silent Canvas Media: Photography & design.