Project Management & Marketing

Over the last ten years I have guided a range of clients through the creative process including large events planning for the University of Portsmouth.

I can advise you on everything from how to book venues, and organise catering, to garnering public and press interest, to enticing attendees and fantastic speakers and performers for your events. 

I have experience managing large scale performance projects (e.g. festivals) intermediate events (small conferences) and intimate gatherings (gigs/book launches).

I have a passion for promoting growing, independent entrepreneurs in any sector, whether that’s selling handcrafted floral arrangements, beautiful artwork and music, or other exciting products and services. 

I’ll offer guidance on digital marketing approaches that I have used, and which have worked for me and others, including boosting your SEO organically in a way that builds brand loyalty and feels natural, fun, and most importantly, makes best use of your time.