The Monstrous Economy: PhD Thesis Extract

Earlier this year I was awarded a PhD in Cultural History from the University of Portsmouth. My PhD research examined middle-class guilt as a motivation for the creation, and promotion of monster stereotypes for socially outcast 'others' in Britain during the nineteenth century. I've created an abridged version here, but if you'd like to read the full thesis, get in touch.

Moon Heart Update.

  I've been really lucky in terms of radio play for #MoonHeartEP. Ronnie Carnwath has featured both Boneshaker and Moon Hearted Bird on his show "Cobwebs and Strange" for Radio Warwickshire. Eve Blair of The Late Show on BBC Radio Ulster played Malcolm. Then today I was interviewed by Liz Beckett of The Shout on …

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Dead Men Telling Tales

I wrote this article for the Port Towns research group based at the University of Portsmouth. They have a really fascinating archive of articles and information on maritime culture & history. You can follow PTUC on Twitter, and Facebook.  Maritime Gibbet Lore in Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture   The practice of gibbeting, also known more specifically …

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